Mary Jo Cemetery.jpg
Mary Jo Roggatz in Correctionville Cemetery where she remembers all Civil War Veterans each year.

Civil War Decorations

Mary Jo Roggatz, president of Mumford-Moon, American Legion Auxiliary, Correctionville Unit #79, has made it her responsibility since 2003 to decorate all 57 Civil War veterans’ graves in the Correctionville Cemetery. She purchases all the flags and flowers at her own expense and each Memorial Day weekend she can be found in the oldest part of the cemetery, making the view much brighter.  The flowers stay for the remainder of the year while the flags are removed Memorial Day evening.


Choosing this project was easy for Mary Jo as she has always had a special place in her heart for all veterans.  This is her very special way of remembering those who served so long ago whose graves, without her help, would never be decorated.