Tent No 1.jpg
Vets lay out the tent
Tent 1.jpg
Mark looks over the layout as Caleb watches
tent 3.jpg
David B., David H., Mark, Clarence & Les lay the tent out
tent 4.jpg
Caleb watches Les, Mark, David H. & David B. put up first side
Tent 5.jpg
Caleb watches David H., Mark, David B. & Les secure the first side
Tent 6.jpg
Clarence, Mark, David H., David B., Caleb & Les
Tent 7.jpg
Les, David B., David H. & Caleb
Tent 8.jpg
David H., Les, Mark & Clarence
Tent 9.jpg
Clarence, Caleb & David H
Tent 10.jpg
Clarence, Lester, Mark & David H
Tent 11.jpg
Securing the first side up
Tent 12.jpg
Securing the second side up
Tent 13.jpg
Mark & Bernie start take down
Tent 14.jpg
Fritz, Mark & Bernie
Tent 15.jpg
Bernie, Fritz work with the tent while Mark pulls up a stake
Tent 16.jpg
Fritz, Les & Bernie
Tent 17.jpg
Fritz, Les & Bernie
Tent 18.jpg
Bernie & Les
Tent 19.jpg
Tent's all rolled up, ready to load on the truck
Tent 20.jpg
Bernie, Les & Mark getting the tarp in place
Tent 21.jpg
Bernie, Les & Mark securing the tarp
Tent 22.jpg
Fritz, Bernie, Les, Mark & Clarence work together to load the tent on the truck
Tent 23.jpg
Job well done :)
Tent 24.jpg
Les, Clarence, Mark & Fritz getting the tent off the truck
Tent 25.jpg
Les (on truck), Clarence, Phil & Mark...all done

Vets Rent-a-Tent

The V.F.W. & American Legion veterans have 4 tents to rent.  Price includes set-up and take-down.  As the photos will show, our Vets make it look easy and fun.  All the guys take their turn helping - will try to catch some of the others in action as time goes by.  If you need a tent, contact Phil Sevening at 712-372-4219 or 712-372-4543 for further information.